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Greetings, Firestorm players!

As promised, we have compiled all the questions and answers from the Q&A session. You can read them anytime here.

We hope all of this answers help you know more about Firestorm and it's future! Have fun!

And don't forget to use Ctrl+F if you are trying to find about a determined thing.



1- BURNMOTH#3947: When we will get Boris?



2- Mikee#2875 and Jesus Christ#1804: Hi, will you enable the option to transfer a character from Legion to BFA server? Thank you!

We do not yet know exactly how the transfers will be done, but it will be one of the followings: either we allow a couple of free transfer from Sylvanas to BFA, or we simply copy all your characters from Sylvanas to BFA when the server will be released.


3- Vanessa#0841: Will we have all arena maps as from retail?

Yes, not now but it's planned


4- Arkanheal / Toxic Player#7891: Is the development of the brawlers guild planned on any server?

No, the brawlers guild is not planned on any server now.


5- The middle tooth#8538: Do you ever plan to fix legacy raids? Most people would want to do transmog runs, mount runs, etc...

Every raid that is on Legion will be available on the BFA realm. A few months ago we made some fixes for ICC, Black Temple and Tol'vir, so as you can see, even if it's not the main priority, we still plan on fixing some from time to time


6- Cliffy#2538: I would like to ask you if you will add a WoD Challenge weapon transmog onto Legion Shop?

Yes, nice idea, we'll do it.


7- Hich#4052: Will Icecrown server close?

Not as long as it holds still


8- Macfigl#6620: Hello I would like to ask when will current PvP season end?

Assuming you're talking about Legion, it will end when we'll release Antorus Mythic.


9- Dom#7599: Who is going to be able to test BFA?

The first waves of players that will get access will be mostly composed of active players on Sylvanas. After that, the PTR will become open to everyone


10- Punyqt#2912: Are you ever going to fix affixes and dungeons in Legion such as MoS etc?

Even when BFA will be released, we will still have some developers assigned to Legion, so yeah, it might take some time, but eventually, affixes and dungeons will be fixed


11- attis#0174: Will there be a realm like Greymane but for BFA?

We do not plan to release a PvP realm for BFA right now. Although, on BFA there is a "war mode" which you will be able to toggle if you wish to fight other players :P


12- Icii#1464: Can we have a FRESH start without any character transfer from other servers? Or at least not the first 1 - 3 months so we can have the FIRST achievements at least.

We do not plan to do a fresh start without character transfer or copy. The Majority of our community want to be able to transfer their characters to continue the adventure on BFA with their characters.


13- Icii#1464: You guys already have a Magnet/Download for the BFA version? Or can we use 8.0.1 from LIVE servers BLIZZARD?

We don't have a download link yet, we'll release it at the PTR opening. You can, of course, keep the 8.0.1 client from blizzard, you will just have to copy our launcher inside the folder when it will be available.


14- Icii#1464: As maybe some of us know already, you guys are testing the server, but are we also able to test it with you guys? Or plans to bring it out as a beta and fix it more at that points with closed stuff until it is fixed? (Damn, I can't wait to play BFA already) > (I have played BFA Retail for 4 months). Will I also have to option to change the servers from PvP to PvE in Capital cities?

Yes, the war mode system will be working and available.


15- Icii#1464: Will we see an open beta or release this month? If not, what date we can expect it?

As announced just before the Q&A, we'll indeed release a PTR/beta realm before the official release, we plan to open it in January.


16- The middle tooth#8538: Can you give us an ETA for BFA PTR launch?

We plan to release the BFA PTR in January, no exact ETA yet.


17- spicy adsteriuss#4790: Is BFA going to be more optimized than Legion, as it is on retail? Such as less lag in locations with lots of people.

Actually, we already implemented a lot of server optimizations on Legion realms. Those optimizations will also be present on BFA


18- Skydosh#4771: Are you going to do the pre-patch for the release of BFA? So the destruction of Teldrassil.

No, we won't release the pre-patch of BFA, we won't either release the escape from Stormwind. These scenarios would take us a lot of time to script, and we chose to focus on the main questlines, taking place on Zandalar and Kul'Tiras.


19- Robertocsn#8736: Will you ever merge all servers in one with the latest expansion?

No, each expansion will keep its own realm(s).


20- Éramis#8213: Argus will be scripted? How about the levelling in Legion (which quest zone script) or it will be like Draenor in Legion?

All contents from Legion will be as they are on the Sylvanas realm at the moment of the release.


21- R_Artis#8603: What patch will be used for BFA? Will nickname reservations be a thing?

BFA will be released with the 8.0.1 build 28153 (the last build before 8.1), and we're not planning to implement a nickname reservation system for it


22- Punyqt#2912: How do previous bans effect joining QA, there are ppl who have a lot of knowledge but they been banned before for stupid reasons which result in them not joining QA. Also, you should allow the whole good guild test instead of specific players.

It's actually an interesting question since behaviour and skills/knowledge aren't really connected in any way. However, when you are part of the QA, you often have to work with other people, which means the global atmosphere is often better when there is no toxicity, hence why we often dismiss applications from people that have a "bad" history. You are still free to apply if you want though, your application will be read and it's still possible for you to join if you were banned. For the "whole guild" part, that is already the case with the PvE part of the QA: currently, 4 guilds are in it (although not every member of the guild are part of the QA)


23- Pezur#6501: Do you fix old content? Quest from TBC, WOTLK, CATA, PANDA and WoD? I mean questlines and lore.

Legacy quests are at the moment not a primary focus for us but we do have a few Developers in training who are with supervision, learning to script on old quests since they are simpler. Keep in mind however that quests from these expansions span over 10 years worth of WoW development. Its a ton more quests than one can even imagine.


24- Wtfistic#6290: How will the class balance be like?

Class balance should be pretty much the same as on retail, except if there are some unexpected bugs after release, that will get fixed obviously.


25- Tweek#7037: Why is the release on 8.0 instead of 8.1?? What are you going to do about the obvious shit about Azerite power gains, which is gonna be way more limiting than on retail on release and the majority of the time (since not same content) which results in you gaining armour that required neck level 22-30+ and you are not able to get anywhere near that level with content on release.

We work on the 8.0.1 patch since a few months already, starting over now with the 8.1 would mean we would have to rework a lot of spells and system that are already working on the PTR. The 8.1 patch also comes with a lot of internal changes in the client <-> server communication (way more than 7.3.5 -> 8.0.1) which would delay even more the BFA release. The 8.0.1 patch will already allow us to release a lot of content: all zones storylines, war campaign, 10 dungeons with mythic+, one raid, warfront, islands expeditions. When we'll have all this content available, we'll start to works on a new patch, which will most likely be 8.2.5 or even higher patch.


26- unaiitxuu#3562: How many testers will BFA have?

Not much in the beginning, since the people will get access to PTR by waves but everyone will get access sometime after the initial PTR release.


27- Doodlie#8840: On which patch will you open BFA?

As previously said: 8.0.1 build 28153


28- Arkanheal / Toxic Player#7891: Planning on making more Q&A like those (maybe not live ones)? (I think it's a really good community wise)

Well, the last one we did, we said we would try to make more Q&As... it was 8 months ago. But you're right, it's a good thing, and we will try to make more of those


29- Vanessa#0841: Will we be able to transfer characters from Greymane to BFA?

No transfers from Greymane will be done to the BFA realm.


30- Boky#7721: Will there be a BFA Mac client?

Yes, the BFA client will be available on Mac OS


31- Valaah#4147: When BFA comes out, Uldir will be working already (at least a part) or we will need to wait?

Uldir will not be available when BFA will come out, it'll be released later, as it did on retail (not necessarily after 1 month though)


32- Ilindaris#8031: Do you intend fixing the Azerite System itself as people on retail are unsubbing even myself maybe adding a vendor or more ways of getting azerite gear?

We plan to be Blizzlike on this aspect, it is very unlikely we add custom ways to get azerite gear.


33- Friltex#7237: will the Legion weapons from raids, such as from Aggramar be purchasable on the shop for BFA, just like weapons from WoD?

Sure, we can add those on the shop for BFA realm.


34- AsteriaN#7664: Have you planned of adding cosmetic auras like the cosmeticator in the shop?

We'll be thinking of it for BFA release. That is a good idea.


35- Koudy#3239: Can you fix achievements shares with all characters like on retail, please? Are you going to develop old content on BFA like Legion raids, or will they still work like now?

Some achievements are shared with every character from your account (they are account-bound) and this functionality is implemented already. If you have an issue with something supposed to be account bound that isn't, you can make a report on the bugtracker about it. To your second question, Legion content will be 'ported' to BFA, so you will still be able to do NH or Antorus for example.


36- hejjhajj#5781: why do you fix things that make the game more fun? For example speed gear on mounts.

We're fixing bugs, that's all.


37- Silda#2792: when will you repair all professions?

Since on BFA the profession level system has been redone on retail, they will be updated with it and therefore working as intended.


38- Эдгельд#9083: What about PvP awards? Will the system of protection against the recurrent items for conquest points work?

The PvP rewards system of BFA is still under development at this time, but it will be the same as in retail.


39- Vanessa#0841 and Fuegeleon Vermillon#5797: What will happen to WoD?

As long as there are still players on the realm, it'll keep running


40- Pezur#6501: Do you fix old content? Quest from TBC, WOTLK, CATA, PANDA and WoD? I mean quest lines and lore. Will you fix the Warlock class hall? I mean portal to artefact skin, vendor to mount etc...?

We've some developers working on these contents, but with the upcoming release of BFA, most of our workforces are focused on preparing it.


41- Theorange#1022: Hello, what can you tell us about the future of the Icecrown server? An update is planned? Or a fusion with another WOTLK server?

Currently, nothing special is planned regarding Icecrown: updating the realm would probably induce more bugs than it would solve. No fusion is planned either, but the cross server is linked to the one from "Wow circle" for a while now, hence the fast queue times


42- AsteriaN#7664: Are we going to have our artefact appearances as a transmog on BFA?

Yes, you will be able to do that.


43- Snper#6114: Why legacy raids are fully working in other realms but are closed/not working in Legion?

Importing content from previous expansion on the latest can take some time, so this is getting done, but not as a priority. As for when you can see my last answer about old contents.


44- zahbod#2203: Is upgrading Sylvanas to the latest hotfixes planned?

Even if the Legion client isn't the latest one retail had, to our knowledge, every server hotfixes are already applied. If you think we are missing some, you are free to make a forum post about it, and we'll look into it!


45- King Of The Dead ( X . X )#0361: Is there any way to get deleted gear back?

Unfortunately, no, if you delete an item by mistake, it's lost.


46- iMorys#7558: [Legion] When exactly can we expect next PvP Seasons on Sylvanas and does the secondary stats of those items will be fixed?

The actual season will be ending when we'll release the Mythic mode for Antorus, it's gonna be done in a few weeks. Yes, the secondary stats are about to be fixed very soon!


47- Korálek#0111: When BFA server launches will there be transmog weapons from WoD for Puntos de Lealtad?

This is not planned at the moment.


48- Bekoff#6791: Are you going to get the pantheon trinkets from the people who bought them from the shop and refund their points?

It was indeed a mistake to sell them ilevel 980 in the shop. We plan to fully refund the points to the players who bought them and reduce the ilvl of the trinkets to 950.


49- Deadarrow#9486: Will it be achievements to unlock the new allied races?

New allied races will be available without conditions.


50- Punyqt#2912: Is BFA going to be buggy like it was on retail?

It will not.


51- The middle tooth#8538: will we need to download the full 8.0 client or just update the Legion client?

You will have to download the full 8.0.1 client.


52- Arkanheal / Toxic Player#7891: Will all the Legion devs will move to BFA, leaving it in the state it is when BFA launched? #IamWoDeventhoughIneverplayedonit

No, some of us will still be working on Legion as long as it requires fixes, we won't let our beloved Sylvanas down.


53- BURNMOTH#3947: Why the chance legendary is not fair? I have some friends which have a super loot chance...

Legendary item drop rate is the same for everyone at first: then, each time you do an action that could make you loot a legendary but doesn't, it increases your chances to loot one, up until you finally do (bad luck protection). No one has a "broken" drop rate, and everyone is on an equal footing!


54- turboboy1000#2454: Do we also get an EXP boost in BFA?

Yes, there will be an experience multiplier on BFA, something like x2 or x3 since the levelling contents of BFA will be mostly available.


55- Cybra#2543: Is there planned to be scripted War Campaign quests for both factions in BFA after developers are done with main questlines?

Yes, War Campaign quest lines will be scripted for both factions, as it is a requirement for Warfronts, that we will also implement.


56- Luwanne#4200: Cosmetic2000?

The cosmeticator will maybe return for a while at BFA release.


57- Syyrø#6972: Will there be any special promotion for Christmas? (+%FP, Boris)

Maybe. As you guys know, we do not give an ETA about that :)


58- orgonnaxe#0257: are you going to put the interaction on Legion?



59- Laiká#0191: Why was the in-game ticket system removed?

The in-game ticket was never removed, but you need to download the Firestorm Addon in order to have it working on Sylvanas.


60- AsteriaN#7664: What will be the gear ilvl that we will be getting from next Boris? Will it be higher than 880? I mean it's Legion's end and yeah

Who said Boris is ever coming back? On a more serious note, we'll assess it when he comes back, but 880 doesn't sound too crazy, you'll get a higher one fairly quickly anyway :).


61- ZMasashi#2150: What's the plan with allied races?

New allied races will be available without conditions.


62- jembie#0267: Are we going to have the Uldir mythic Nerfs (G'huun, Fetid, Mother etc.) on release?

Since mythic mode only affects a small part of the community, and since it is released sometime after other difficulties, indeed we might release it as it was on retail post-nerf.


63- Katsuo#2615: When will you fix the loot for mythic+? (So we can get 940+ in mythic 15, etc...).

As on retail realms, we'll increase the rewards of mythic+ at the release of Antorus mythic.


64- Appelpastei#5316: Did you decide on a name for the Battle for Azeroth realm yet? If so, what is the name?

Not yet.


65- Astronomer#6830: When are you going to bring the Mad Merchant NPC? Will BFA contain Legion content or just BFA?

Mad merchant has not been planned and BFA will contain all content already available on Legion when it will be released.


66- Malkith#6343: When you guys put a PTR for BFA can you don't do what you did for the 7.3.5 PTR? Like, do not allow players to use command and such.

When it'll be opened to the public, players will not have access to gamemaster commands.


67- starnay#2753: when will be BFA Firestorm online?

No date is set yet: We'll assess it based on feedback we will have from the PTR, and from our Quality Assurance team. The expected date is the first quarter of 2019.


68- Angrbodä#0690: Several players suffer from latency only during the raid combat and completely independently of the connection parameters (very good connection in download and upload), have you find a solution?

We still don't have a solution yet, but we already have some leads in order to improve performances inside big raids, it still requires some work though.


69- R_Artis#8603: Are you planning to change the loyalty point system?

We don't plan to change the Loyalty Point system.


70- R_Artis#8603: How will the allied races work on BFA? Meaning how we will be able to get them?

New allied races will be available without any requirement.


71- R_Artis#8603: Are there planned any twitch dev streams soon?

No dev streams are planned, but we will release videos of the advancement of the contents for BFA


72- R_Artis#8603: Will there be a stat squish and item level squish as in retail?

Item level and Stats squish will be exactly the same as in retail.


73- Putenka#3620: Will you soon fix the path flights bug? Whenever you use some flight and you relog after it starts randomly flying to somewhere, the bug has been reported already!

We are aware of this issue but we still don't have a definitive solution yet. We are still working on it.


74- Tweek#7037: Is " Hyper NPC" spawning working on BFA (So you never run out of mobs, and they respawn as u kill them) // Does BoE epics/mounts work, and is bound to the mobs as they are in BFA retail?

We already have that kind of feature (dynamic respawn time depending on how much players there is in the zone) however it is maybe not as fast as it is now on retail. We'll take a look at the current system on retail realms and update it. Yes, unlike Legion we'll have BoE loot tables in dungeons and in the open world working (including the zone mounts!).


75- Adrameleh#4285: When you fix talent demonic appetite?

This talent got a fix 2 weeks ago, and according to the information I have, it's working fine. If you think it's bugged, you can make a report on the bugtracker, and someone from our Quality Assurance team will look into it. Be sure to check our live changelog to stay up to date with every fix we make on Legion realms!


76- Masterox1#3133: You said most active players from Legion will be chosen for ptr, will those player be from top guilds, top mythic keys players, top PvP players or all of them?

We will choose among the most active players for all activities, so each active player will get a chance to have early access to BFA PTR


77- FaresDraxus#7415: When we transfer our characters to the new upcoming BFA servers Would the prestige go to zero again or we'll be having the prestige that we having in Legion in my case prestige 5?

We're still discussing internally if your prestige level will be converted into honour level on BFA when your character will be copied, we'll keep you posted!


78- Zerofeniq#7477: Will you add PvE artefact appearances in the shop? (Sylvanas, Greymane)

It's actually a good idea, we'll see what we can do about it!


79- Keera Liadon#8898: Since class, epic mounts cannot be obtained offlike, and since not everyone is interested in contributing to the mage tower, or at least the population is not high enough to make up for this lack, is it possible to change the method to get them? Will anything change in BFA regarding class epic mounts? Thank you.

When BFA will come out, the Mage Tower will be always available as it was during the pre-patch period on retail. On the other hand, there will be no change for it on BFA.


80- DRAGONxNOGARD#9334: If I migrate my MoP warlock with green fire to Legion will still I have the green fire or it turns to red again? Please fix it on Sylvanas.

We do not plan to implement the whole scenario and questline on Legion yet. However, we may consider the option to add it to the shop with Loyalty Points.


81- slashbaster1#8160: What about cooking and Nomi going to be fixed?

We currently have a list of most profession issues and will try to fix every one of them as soon as possible, now that Antorus is fully released.


82- Popeye [CTM]#4733: will the argus legendary ring from the mission be ilvl 1000 sometime?

Yes, we have to fix this, and we will, in the next couple of days.


83- Friltex#7237: What are your thoughts on the cross faction guilds/raids? And what about voice chat in BFA?

We won't allow cross-faction guilds & groups on BFA, same for voice chat


84- Deadarrow#9486: Do we need an achievement to get to Zandalar? Will it be the same as WoD -> building an own village in BFA?

The questline to the Heart of Azeroth and in turn the intro questline to get to Kul Tiras and Zandalar will be scripted on release. And there are no Garrisons in BFA, you have the main city with some aspects from WoD (Mission Table) and Legion (Scouting Map, Class Hall Talents) There are outposts you "build" in the opposites factions city but they are basically just Flight Paths you can unlock


85- Astronomer#6830: What is the gold limit if you decide to let us transfer only two characters from Legion to BFA?

It hasn't been discussed yet, but as you may guess we'd like to get a fresh economy on our BFA realm (not really cool if some people have 5M in their pockets right off the bat) so it's probably gonna be in the 10k range.


86- Putenka#3620: To be honest, BFA was shit on retail and Blizzard lost a lot of subs during that expansion. Why do you think, you will have a successful and active community with that release?

Because there will always be players that want to play on the latest expansion, and anyway, if you don't appreciate BFA, you still have the possibility to stay on Legion, unlike retail


87- Linster#8200: The 4P of shadow priest tier 21 is bug. The devs know about it? If so, when will it be fixed?

It is reported indeed and will be fixed during the week. It should be applied next update (Thursday).


88- Holydemacia#3022: Will we ever get time walking dungeons or raid on Legion before the release of BFA?

We won't have the time to script and implement time walking dungeons. Maybe one day it'll come...


89- Deadarrow#9486: When will the first raid be released?

Uldir won't be available right when the BFA realm is released: It'll be available a bit after (1-2 months expected).


90- Urbanlouloute#5029: Do you think to implement a change list system with each patch on the server BFA see even Legion?

Yes, there will be a live changelog system on BFA, such as there is on Legion realms.


91- Korálek#0111: How are you as devs/GMs satisfied with how Legion expansion as a whole went on Firestorm?

We are really pleased to see how the whole expansion went from the beginning until now. We learned a lot of our past mistakes, we're developing content as fast as before but with better quality, thanks to dedicated developers and QAs members. We will continue to improve our development process during BFA in order to grant you the best content possible.


92- Zerofeniq#7477: Will you ever merge Sylvanas and Greymane together?

This is not planned right now, but it's a possibility.


93- Arkanheal / Toxic Player#7891: Zhalfyr probably will answer it's old content but I have to ask. Is there a chance Suramar questline will be scripted?

This isn't really old content since it's never been on any expansion yet, and most likely it won't be done anytime soon.


94- Arkanheal / Toxic Player#7891: Will we see feast (500+ main stats) or recipe rank (alchemy) scripted on Legion?

We'll check why these recipes are not available and we will fix them.


95- DeiviStrife#1618: Are you focusing on fixing the classes? Because it's cool to have content to do and all, but if the classes don't really work the frustration on playing is always high.

We already have scripted almost all spells, talents, PvP talents and azerite traits scripted. Of course, there might be some unexpected bugs, but classes are already in a pretty good state at the moment.


96- DeiviStrife#1618: An also, are you applying all the hotfixes/tunings that Blizzard made in the middle of the patch?

Different hotfixes have already been implemented, and we will continue to implement the hotfixes that were released by Blizzard during the whole 8.0.1 patch.


97- Cybra#2543: When Uldir Mythic release on FS will be Mythic Achievement "Hall of Flame G'huun both factions" for Famed Slayer of G'huun title implement for guilds which kill Mythic G'huun but make it at least for first 2-3 guilds which kill it?

I don't know, I'm not sure it would be relevant to make those achievements available only for the first 2-3 guilds, according to the low amount of people that are able to clean mythic raid content.


98- Nalfi#5799: Since BFA was very random and some people hate it about the Azurite gear in retail, would you add a custom NPC like the one that will be added in 8.1 that help buy some gear that you want to get to reduce random where you can buy azurite gear?

When we'll release our BFA realm, since it will be 8.0.1 patch, we won't have this "custom NPC" at first. However, when the realm gets updated to 8.1+, or if we feel like it's needed, we will consider it, or other similar options.


99- R_Artis#8603: what about the performance boost that retail got, will we get it as well?

The performance boost is client side so yes, you will get is as well.


100- R_Artis#8603: Also will Boris be changed a bit? For example not giving players 110 but for example, giving them level 100... Cause after every Boris wave the RBG and RDF is unplayable.

We do not plan to change the level of Boris at the moment.


101- Sweggie#8006: Will you add the new BFA races into the Legion server?

No, we won't.


102- FaresDraxus#7415: Will the heritage armour for allied races will be available in BFA like The Tauren ones or Belves on without the Leveling thing like in retail

Nope, you will have to entirely level up a character of an allied race for it.


103- Deiphobe#2789, Rasta-Fulgu#0821 and Daeron VII#3976: Is it possible to improve the game in Icecrown with a robot who reset the id of all raid and not just ICC?

Technically, yes, so we'll look into it!


104- Dayl30#5562: When you guys will fix the Kil'jaeden tank spec trinket from ToS?

It should be fixed this week.


105- RSAndrew#0513: Will flying be as tedious to unlock in the new areas or will there be a way to bypass it, i.e. Loyalty Points or gold?

The flying in new areas won't be available at the beginning of the expansion and will be obtainable the same way as on retail. It will also probably become available on the shop a few time after its release


106- Godfatherlolz#0756: Any plans to reviewing the developers approach to dealing with platform/Ground Collision in raid/dungeon fights (High Botanist Tel'arn, MoS, ToV …)? It’s been repeatedly noticed that there is a problem there especially with fights where there are orbs and places such as the Vindicaar for example.

Yes, we plan to improve the way pathfinding and overall collision works with BFA. However its always a very tricky part so we can't promise that every issue related to it are going to be fixed.


107- Swordbane#7708: (Legion): Are you gonna do something about this random huge (world) latencies (often over 2-3k ms) that happens to some players experience randomly (One day I have latency, other day guild member lags while I don't) which makes impossible to play? Mostly happens on raid reset days when there are a lot of players raiding and it seems country related as it doesn't affect everybody.

It's an issue we are aware of, and we're currently working on a solution: the packet compression, that would cut by 85% the bandwidth you need to be able to play 'lag-free'.


108- iMorys#7558: [BFA] Can we expect XP boost from 60-85? This level range seems to be broken due to scaling (Blizzard increased the experience in 8.1 by 33%) - Does the loot overall on BFA content will be boosted or it stay as it is on retail?

There won't be a specific experience boost between level 60-85, but like we did on previous realm an overall higher experience boost on older contents than on BFA content. Drop rates on BFA will be the same as in retail.


109- AsteriaN#7664: Are we still going to be able to get the artefact appearance from mage tower on BFA?

You cannot do the mage tower challenge on BFA, so if you want the artefact appearance, do it on Legion (it will then be transferred on BFA since appearances are account bound).


110- AsteriaN#7664: Are you adding enchant illusions to shop? Also, I saw a lot of players with the MoP cloak illusions from the last Cosmeticator NPC. Could you bring those exact auras again, please?

Yes, we'll do it at the next shop update. The cosmeticator NPC will eventually come back, stay tuned and check our announcements


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